Jury Duty

November, 2019


You’ve received the notice.  You must report for jury duty, for example, at the New London Superior Court. 

Serving as a juror, whether at the New London Superior Court, or at another state or federal courthouse is both an obligation and an honor.  The jury is the ultimate factfinder in labor and employment cases and is the foundation for the vindication of employment rights under state and federal law.

 Many people who go through the selection process at the courthouse will not be chosen to serve on a case.  This happens for a variety of reasons and is no reflection on any individual’s background or perceived abilities as a juror.

These reasons can include knowledge or familiarity with the case being tried, the lawyers trying the case, whether civil or criminal, or the witnesses listed by each side.  Whether or not you are selected to serve on a case, you are fulfilling a vital role in the judicial process by being a part of the pool of jurors.

The statistics state that generally 98% of the cases settle without going to trial.  Many cases may settle after a jury has been selected. 

However, for those cases that proceed to trial, the State of Connecticut employs a unique process for selecting a jury of six, with two alternate jurors, to sit on a civil case.  This process is called individual voir dire.  This process allows the attorneys for both sides to question each individual to further guarantee a fair and impartial jury.

A jury of individuals in an employment case is especially qualified to listen to the evidence, receive instructions on the law of the case from the judge and decide whether the claims of the employee(s) and the defenses of the employer have merit.  Provided the jury’s decisions rest upon the evidence submitted, they are given great deference by the courts.

No other experience or service to your community is comparable to jury service.  Welcome the opportunity and honor.

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